Monday, November 7, 2011

Whole Wheat Goldfish Crackers

A couple months ago, I had a stinking major computer crash and lost mucho.  Among the forever-lost data, I thought I had lost these pictures!!  Guess not.  :)  Now you can enjoy one of my favorite snack recipes I've ever tasted...

Back in March, my friend Courtney and I were chatting about one of our favorite food bloggers and, in particular, about one of her posts - whole wheat goldfish crackers.  We had identical initial reactions..."Who in the world has tiny fish cookie cutters?!"

A few weeks later I had to buy some ingredients online for a "hired cake pop job" and decided to get them from the same website as SK's goldfish cookie cutter!  I ordered my sprinkles and my fishie and couldn't wait to show Courtney what I had done. haha.

Well, us being us, our schedules clashed until the very end of the summer.  Alas, we were able to meet and make cute little fishies!  She bought another cutter of a slightly different shape so we had two breeds.
I won't tell you what's so funny about this picture, but I had to put it
on here to give Courtney a she's cute!

Seriously, you have to make these.  They really taste like goldfish crackers!

apparently my wedding ring was still safely tucked away in my
pocket from messy dough rolling...

Here is the recipe.  Better print it now just in case.


  1. These look amazing. I just saved the recipe :)

  2. These look so cute! Going to give the recipe a try!

  3. Those are absolutely adorable crackers!

  4. This is AWESOME! I love this! I'm making Cheez-Its for my father's birthday, but I wanted something a little more healthy....these are perfect!

    I am - happily - your newest follower on Google Follower!

  5. So cute! My daughters will definitely love those goldfish crackers! I should get that cutter!

  6. My son loves goldfish crackers. I'd love to make them myself. This is awesome!

    2 Kids and Tired Cooks


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